Topic Model Data for Topic Modeling and Figurative Language

The topic model discussed in “Topic Modeling and Figurative Language” was created with MALLET. Drawing from 4,500 English-language poems from the “Revising Ekphrasis” corpus, the model was generated using the following parameters:

mallet train-topics --input poems-seq.mallet --num-threads 2 --num-topics 60 --optimize-interval 10 --output-model poems08072012test1.model --output-doc-topics poems08072012_test1.txt --output-topic-keys poems08072012-test1keys.txt

The following table contains the number of the topic (0-59); hyper-parameter estimation; and top 20 key words most likely to be found in each topic.

Topic Proportion Topic Key Words
0 0.07467 city streets country middle year park town times thousand paris state york jews jew henry rich houses empire broken central
1 0.01304 ball father field casey trouble boy baseball ebbets brooklyn play game thousand pitcher satchel bat day luis mickey diamond los
2 0.42746 death life heart dead long world blood earth man soul men face day pain die days eyes years hand tears
3 0.28246 world life mind time space human body things future earth thought sense place called end moment air order choose form
4 0.00659 de la el en green verde con los mi se del poem ni lo os poema yo oo ya sobre
5 0.02437 horse deer shoe horses european forward loves james species nose st sweeping rider pray worm story seconds mane survive assassin
6 0.12499 blue red white bird color green yellow black wings birds feathers hawk girl box pink round brown nest orange flying
7 0.02036 portrait duke parrot grace starlings bronze woman lord heron guilt figures phyllis daphne helmet roman smiling brush painted painting gri
8 0.04481 sweet golden fair winds dew flowers wine tender dying fresh venus lovely brings sheep nature flow shepherd silver make crystal
9 0.03802 thy thou thee art thine st doth heaven hast hath dost er shalt mine leave bid rest seek thyself joy
10 0.09271 god lord man hell heaven soul holy ye angel good earth christ sin spirit em mercy prayer give blessed truth
11 0.01756 praise whack give spiral penny matter heaven alabanza violet lightning colour hanging ave hush shell chimera effects percent fat sew
12 0.10439 poetry line sense person poet poem language words feeling point lines meaning subject real witness physical story art problem beauty
13 0.04146 text words screen disaster beat tail word motion hunted speed door open gestures keys material logic failing notebook noun ladder
14 0.01923 coat famous matter hat layer coats fold theory weave folds completed squirrel code hole lip giving mower suddenly hats watched
15 0.01781 monkeys human pressure machine cave boat luminous image animal tubes dot myth patient fork bison cowboy ra solar set tuc
16 0.23363 house room door window street glass black wall table morning walls windows small past rooms floor books hair dark bed
17 0.01374 mr bo bonghy yonghy hand uh yeah um stall moonlight riding pony gonna gentlemen jack tom lady tlot jug alright
18 0.1251 sea water ocean waves ship sand boat fish shore tide beach land green white great shark island waters sail rock
19 0.03033 room drunk eng wine chang hotel private rome true john forbidden cards tiger answer rambling carl jazz roast poetry rendezvous
20 0.0611 poem write poems letter writing page book read poet words word wrote letters great johnny pages head poets written language
21 0.13955 man eyes hair black drink head sees death takes face house waits dance hand falls close beautiful air calls turns
22 0.07743 boy girl school boys girls train street war summer walking woman village age class bus past goodbye station line car
23 0.00262 wi night auld syne gat lang fere ye owre ha till goodly fu grendel nae lasses luve weary ane sae
24 0.01807 york times public september bush president deborah prince press office oil helicopter citizens st national mr museum american landing charles
25 0.00633 spam occupation conturbat mortis timor animal guam lips sharon made loneliness lynn west part east miner equation sir beef beds
26 0.0808 water fish surface air light back lake bridge pond fear carrying tin bodies swimming lights day bottom bright current wing
27 0.26726 made time great feet side hand round god eyes place stood set lay left till sun ground back turned stand
28 0.0326 love stood mind heaven fear dame proud rest maid fair place feast hell fatal hounds care day prey pursue pursued
29 0.04181 idea part ideas system tragic stage fucking mattress works brain prometheus places rock runs series friend points knowledge general positions
30 0.00652 de miss ain jump dat ah dey ter yo slim scarlett hunh git back tu stan fu huh barbie den
31 0.16209 soul beauty earth thoughts sweet ah er deep spirit wild heaven sad year calm rest air youth soft form dim
32 0.38369 night light moon stars day dark sun sleep sky wind time eyes star darkness bright dream morning bed hear blue
33 0.0423 war men achilles land gods great troy victory soldiers son goddess words fought battle soldier army greek left hector truth
34 0.15537 song voice music sound words sing singing songs long hear heard notes sweet ear voices listen bird lady wind sings
35 0.66719 don time ll ve make day things back people good thing feel work life find long love won remember left
36 0.0222 bells ii iii iv vi vii ho ice miracle thunder ix viii king peace swords wide banks miniver romeo blackbird
37 0.20618 head looked back thought man turned didn white fell knew stood sat heard hair red watched walked men called felt
38 0.03754 america soul land great part freedom rivers waters announce flow slave blood past indian passage free vast parts pass women
39 0.03265 art din hide beauty fear light painting artist kingdom matisse shadow stone dread gunga painter objects model gallery master peak
40 0.53625 wind river sky water trees snow light rain leaves white green air cold sun road field fields winter grass long
41 0.1053 day round till ye good er eye men hath fair high lie fast wide tis strange twas merry gentle blow
42 0.20498 skin stone bone bones blood mouth eye flesh black tongue steel water turn rock teeth inside hole cut bodies wet
43 0.09104 big money people american richard street white english york modern america phone buy chicago talking movie home war bill bag
44 0.01553 goat mr fly horowitz mrs tenure goats elephant buzz sheep milk trunk carlyle apricots stack nice cleft devil rushes nervous
45 0.09358 time question thing reason makes law light shows speech choice change perfect interest present kind measure shown account wrong great
46 0.15667 black red car back fire radio inside smoke road dirt bus cars dust lights train iron shirt dog gray windows
47 0.00166 ye ne doe ring sing woods theyr al eccho ben love answer thi shal erthe herte lyke long fayre god
48 0.0932 eat table bread kitchen plate salt cup food coffee orange ice eating meat milk chicken good butter fat tea cream
49 0.23713 love heart loved live loves sweet life world true kiss eyes lips make lover mind die dear lost give man
50 0.09267 vain ring er man state fate fame tis nature power great good heaven glorious strong happy race strength rise heav
51 0.06024 man woman men dead women young time house lies weeping world age patrizia sex unfolded married board foundry watch shows
52 0.01615 ll buy laura lizzie goblin forest dear marsh eat fruits sir tender gun freud blades grow beat rapture minnehaha brookdog cat fox dogs children states poor street cats church rich ball tail kitten yard hare paul aged drowning village
53 0.01909 flags thread names learning kong rocks yr hem string cloth elizabeth mexico magic fabric united july numbers stitch needle mirrors
54 0.23906 tree green summer flowers grass trees flower spring leaves sun fruit garden winter leaf apple yellow rose year morning gold
55 0.50195 body back hands face hand eyes inside head open white arms woman mouth small sleep hair light legs dark turn
56 0.20162 mother father child children years dead son home brother daughter family wife bed sister baby day made parents boy born
57 0.00688 de moloch le la les cf des rats mayor piper pas je di bridge du river clock charbon mon est
58 0.01597 gertrude guitar inside blue stein beginning sieve cloud type end tiny lee live bad world wrist picasso feel small pussy
59 0.04035 dog cat fox dogs children states poor street cats church rich ball tail kitten yard hare paul aged drowning village

About Lisa M. Rhody

Lisa Marie Rhody received her Ph.D. in English language and literature from the University of Maryland, where her research was supported by a Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Winnemore Dissertation Fellowship. Her research combines advanced computational analysis with traditional literary methods to explore 20th-century poetry and American literature, intersections between visual and verbal media, and women's literature. Currently, she is the project manager for WebWise 2013 at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM). She maintains a digital presence at and can be followed on Twitter at @lmrhody.