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Journal of Digital Humanities
Vol. 1, No. 1 Winter 2011

The Journal of Digital Humanities is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal that features the best scholarship, tools, and conversations produced by the digital humanities community in the previous quarter.

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A Community-Sourced Journal

The Editors

We’re pleased to present the inaugural issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities, which represents the best of the work that was posted online by the community of digital humanities scholars and practitioners in the final three months of 2011. We wish to underline this notion of community. Indeed, this new journal is predicated on […]

Getting Started in Digital Humanities

Lisa Spiro

When I presented at the Great Lakes College Association’s New Directions workshop on digital humanities (DH) in October, I tried to answer the question “Why digital humanities?”

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"Modern humanities scholarship is a direct engagement with a deracinated, Google-ised, Wikipedia-ised, electronic text."
Tim Hitchcock

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