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Spatializing Photographic Archives

The extensive and carefully illustrated White Paper for our NEH-sponsored “Spatializing Photographic Archives” project can be downloaded as a large PDF (26.5mb).

The White Paper describes the open-source software tool we’ve developed, and our reasons for wanting to forge a new approach to making digital tools for scholars.

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“Humanities in a Digital Age” Symposium Podcasts

On November 11th, the University of Virginia’s Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures hosted a daylong symposium on “The Humanities in a Digital Age.” The symposium included two panels—one on Access & Ownership and the other on Research & Teaching—and two keynote talks.

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Philosophical Leadership Needed for the Future: Digital Humanities Scholars in Museums

Nik Honeysett, Head of Administration for the J. Paul Getty Museum.


Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy for the Smithsonian Institution.


Originally published as part of a YouTube crowdsourced panel for the Museum Computer Network Conference 2011 on the barriers to and benefits of implementing digital humanities methodologies in museums.

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Critical Discourse in Digital Humanities

My interest in the role and nature of criticism in the digital humanities grows out of a question that Alan Liu recently asked: Where is the cultural criticism in the digital humanities?

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