Wendy F. Hsu

Wendy Hsu is an ethnographer, musician, and arts organizer who engages with multimodal research and performance practices informed by music from continental to diasporic Asia. As an ACLS Public Fellow, Hsu currently works with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs to rethink the department's information and data paradigms. She tweets about her work at @wendyfhsu.


Digital Ethnography Toward Augmented Empiricism: A New Methodological Framework

How Do Digital Technologies Deepen Ethnographic Practices?

Culture takes variegated forms, including lived experiences, social interactions, memories, rituals, transactions, events, conversations, stories, gestures, and expressive disciplines like music and dance. These processes and artifacts of social life make an ethnographer’s job as analyst and cultural documentarian dynamic and challenging.

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Code Appendix for “Digital Ethnography”

require 'rubygems'
require 'mechanize'
require 'geokit'
include Geokit::Geocoders

# intitialize agent and open page
agent = Mechanize.new

# create a .txt file to save the results of the program in
filename = 'MyspaceFriendListnew.txt'

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