Tim Sherratt

Tim Sherratt is a digital historian, web developer and cultural data hacker who's been developing online resources relating to archives, museums and history since 1993. He has written on weather, progress and the atomic age, and developed resources including Bright Sparcs, Mapping our Anzacs and The History Wall. He is currently working as a freelance troublemaker, as well as being a Harold White Fellow at the National Library of Australia, a Director's Fellow at the National Museum of Australia, and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Digital Design and Media Arts Research Cluster at the University of Canberra. Tim is one of the organisers of THATCamp Canberra and a member of the interim committee of the Australasian Association for the Digital Humanities.


It’s All About the Stuff: Collections, Interfaces, Power, and People

In 1901, one of the first acts of the Commonwealth of Australia was to create a system of exclusion and control designed to keep the newly-formed nation ‘white’. But White Australia was always a myth.

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