Tim Hitchcock

Tim Hitchcock is Professor of Eighteenth-Century History at the University of Hertfordshire. In collaboration with Robert Shoemaker and others he has created a series of digital resources providing scholarly and public access to the sources that underpin the history of eighteenth-century London, including the Old Bailey Online, London Lives, Connected Histories, and most recently Locating London’s Past. Together, these sites make available some 12 billion words of digitized content. With a range of collaborators including Bill Turkel at the University of Western Ontario, he has also been at the forefront of the process of applying the tools of digital humanities, of text and data mining, to the analysis of these new resources. The author of ten books on the histories of eighteenth-century poverty, sexuality and masculinity, Hitchcock has degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, and Oxford University. He blogs at Historyonics, and as @TimHitchcock on Twitter.


Academic History Writing and its Disconnects

The last ten years have seen the development of what looks like a coherent format for the publication of inherited texts online – in particular, ‘books’. The project of putting billions of words of keyword searchable text is now nearing completion (at least in a Western context); and the hard intellectual work that went into this project is now done.

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