Lisa Spiro

As director of NITLE (National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education) Labs, Lisa Spiro works with the liberal arts community to explore emerging technologies and develop collaborative approaches to integrating learning, scholarship and technology. Lisa has presented and published widely on the digital humanities, including contributions to Debates in the Digital Humanities, Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies, #alt-academy: Alternate Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars, The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age, and Digital Humanities Pedagogy (under review). She is the founding editor of Digital Research Tools (DiRT) and authors the Digital Scholarship in the Humanities blog. Before coming to NITLE, Lisa directed the Digital Media Center at Rice University’s Fondren Library and worked at the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center. Lisa serves on the Executive Council for the Association of Computers and the Humanities, the Board of DHCommons, and the Program Committee for the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries.


Getting Started in Digital Humanities

When I presented at the Great Lakes College Association’s New Directions workshop on digital humanities (DH) in October, I tried to answer the question “Why digital humanities?”

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