Kathryn Tomasek

Kathryn Tomasek is Associate Professor of History at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she teaches U.S. Women’s History and the history of the United States in the nineteenth century. With Wheaton College Archivist and Special Collections Curator Zephorene L. Stickney, she is co-director of the Wheaton College Digital History Project. A paper describing preliminary work on the transactionography is forthcoming in Issue 6 of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative, and the project's continuing development is documented at Encodinghfrs.org.


Encoding Historical Financial Records



A significant number of scholars in Europe and North America are now involved in projects utilizing or encoding historical financial and tabular records. Many of them hope that it will be possible to develop guidelines that account for both the idiosyncrasies of such manuscripts and the semantic information embedded in them.

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Encoding Financial Records


“[A]ccount books,” business historian Judith McGaw noted in 1985, “are among the most common but least accessible primary sources for historians….” In the intervening twenty-seven years, historians have made use of these rich sources to produce a range of articles and monographs, but few digitization projects have tackled financial records directly.

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