John Resig

John Resig is the creator of the Japanese woodblock print database and search engine. He develops tools to aid in the research of Ukiyo-e and other art history subjects. A Visiting Researcher at Ritsumeikan University, he recently presented at the 2013 Japanese Association for Digital Humanities conference in Kyoto, the Japanese Art Society of America, and the Digital Humanities 2014 conference. Mr. Resig is the Head of Computer Science at Khan Academy and is a renowned computer programmer, having created the jQuery JavaScript library used by over two-thirds of all web sites. He has also published two books on JavaScript programming: Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.


Using Computer Vision to Increase the Research Potential of Photo Archives

In art history research, photographs of art are the lifeblood of study. Since it’s usually impossible for a scholar to travel the globe and visit an artwork as need arises, there is substantial demand for archives of photographs of artworks for reference and study.

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