Jeremy Antley

Jeremy Antley (@jsantley) is a writer/gamer/researcher who received his MA in History with a focus on the Russian Imperial period from the University of Kansas in 2007. While currently in the middle of researching the immigration of Russian Old Believers to Oregon in the mid-60's, Jeremy also finds studying the life and culture of Russian peasants to be a fascinating topic. At his blog, Peasant Muse, Jeremy writes on topics related to digital culture, games and, of course, Russian history. Love of board games helps to inform his current interest in how players modify their games and how looking at how games in general can inform historical inquiries. Jeremy also is a contributing author for Play the Past.


Games and Historical Narratives

The academic study of games — from board games of strategy to online multi-player video games — challenges and disrupts epistemologies held dear in the humanities. Traditional scholarly products such as monographs and journal articles, and to a lesser degree blog posts, are meant to be passively read, whereas games are meant to be actively played.

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Going Beyond the Textual in History

Because of my interest in both history and games, I’m always on the look-out for good writing or new takes on how to bring elements of the gaming world into the framework of historical inquiry.

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