Christof Schöch

Christof Schöch is a researcher at the Chair for Computational Philology, University of Würzburg, Germany. His interests in research and teaching are French Literature (Age of Enlightenment, contemporary novel) and Digital Humanities (quantitative text analysis, digital scholarly publishing). He writes about his research on a blog called "The Dragonfly's Gaze."You can find out more about him on his personal website.


DARIAH-EU’s Virtual Competency Center on Research and Education



DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts in Humanities — is a large-scale, long-term, pan-European endeavor aiming to enhance and support digitally-enabled research across the arts and humanities.

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Big? Smart? Clean? Messy? Data in the Humanities

This paper is about data in the humanities. Most of my colleagues in literary and cultural studies would not necessarily speak of their objects of study as “data.” If you ask them what it is they are studying, they would rather speak of books, paintings and movies; of drama and crime fiction, of still lives and action painting; of German expressionist movies and romantic comedy.

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