Alexis Lothian

Alexis Lothian recently completed her PhD in English and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. Her book manuscript, “Deviant Futures: Queer Temporality and the Cultural Politics of Science Fiction,” reorients recent scholarship on queerness and futurity by approaching it through histories of speculative fiction and media by queers, feminists, and people of color in twentieth-century Britain and America. She also works on digital media, particularly contemporary transmedia cultural production and online culture, and is developing a second book project on the intersections between online science fiction fan communities and social justice politics. Her work has been published in Cinema Journal, Camera Obscura, Extrapolation, English Language Notes, Transformative Works and Cultures, and Social Text Periscope, among other venues. As a core member of the #transformDH collective, she is developing several projects aimed at bringing together queer and ethnic studies critique with the methodologies of the digital humanities. She has been a member of the editorial team for the open access journal Transformative Works and Cultures since its founding in 2008. Her website is


Marked Bodies, Transformative Scholarship, and the Question of Theory in Digital Humanities

In October 2011, Natalia Cecire’s off-the-cuff suggestion of a THATCamp Theory set off a ferment of planning and arguing in the digital humanities community. It sounded like a great idea to me.

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