Adam Crymble

Adam Crymble is a PhD student in history and digital humanities at King’s College London, and a founding editor of The Programming Historian 2. He is also a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, striving to future-proof academic software and promote responsible digital tool use.


Review of Paper Machines, produced by Chris Johnson-Roberson and Jo Guldi

Paper Machines Version: 0.3.6
Requirements: Zotero, Python 2.7.3, Java.

Reviewed: 25 February 2013
Tested on: Mac OS X v. 10.6.8, and Windows 7
Tested with Zotero for Firefox 3.0 and Zotero Standalone 3.0


Paper Machines is an interactive multi-tool that allows users to perform textual analyses on their Zotero notes, tags, HTML snapshots, or attached pdfs (if OCR layer is present) directly in Zotero

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