Adam Chapman

Adam Chapman is a PhD Candidate in his final year at the University of Hull, in the Media, Culture and Society department. He received a History BA (Hons) from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Cultural History MA at the University of Liverpool. Adam’s research focuses on the videogame as an historical form and seeks to weave existing (mainly postmodernist) historical theory and analysis, with game-focused research that emphasizes the unique qualities of games and play, as well as, more recently, Gibsonian psychology. Accordingly, he is attempting to develop an analytical framework for historical videogames that includes understanding both action/agency and narrative/representation and the interplays between these aspects. He can be contacted at and @Woodlandstaar.


Privileging Form Over Content: Analysing Historical Videogames

It is my hope that by now few deny that contemporary game series like Civilization or Assassin’s Creed constitute history. However, such a broad term does not convey the approach that analysis of these new historical texts requires.

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