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Journal of Digital Humanities
Vol. 3, No. 1 Spring 2014

The Journal of Digital Humanities is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal that features the best scholarship, tools, and conversations produced by the digital humanities community in the previous trimester.

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Exploring and Designing Virtual Worlds

The Editors

What can we learn from the creation and exploration of a virtual world? The impulse to create imagined spaces occupies a longstanding tradition in the humanities. Whether it be Plato’s Cave or Mount Olympus or Yoknapatawpha, virtual landscapes hold out the promise to expand our human capacities to create, to imagine, and to analyze beyond […]

"World building is both the creation of media and a design research practice."

Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Screen shot from Pudding Lane

Screen shot from "Pudding Lane."

"All of these various traces of the [public performance] have been integrated into a single experiential research environment through digital modeling."

John N. Wall

DH2013 Poster Gallery

DH@WIT: Digital Humanities for Undergraduate Design, Engineering, and Management Students
Christopher Scott Gleason

Modelling the Interpretation of Literary Allusion with Machine Learning Techniques
Neil Coffee, James Gawley, Christopher Forstall, Walter Scheirer, David Johnson, Jason Corso and Brian Parks

“Making the Digital Humanities More Open": Modeling Digital Humanities for a Wider Audience
Cory Bohon, Jennifer Guiliano, James Smith, George Williams and Amanda Visconti

Exploring Social Tags in a Digitized Humanities Online Collection
Youngok Choi and Sue Yeon Syn

DARIAH-EU’s Virtual Competency Center on Research and Education
Christof Schöch, Dallas Costis, Matt Munson, Toma Tasovac, Erik Malcolm Champion, Susan Schreibman, Agiatis Benardou, Marianne Ping Huang and Petra Links

“Where do you need us?” — The National Library in the Digital Humanities
Aly Conteh and Lotte Wilms

Encoding Historical Financial Records
Kathryn Tomasek and Syd Bauman

Digitization and Dissemination: A Reverse Image Lookup Study to Assess the Reuse of Images of Paintings from the National Gallery's Website
Isabella Kirton and Melissa Terras

Great Parchment Book Project
Nicola Avery, Alberto Campagnolo, Caroline De Stefani, Kazim Pal, Matthew Payne, Philippa Smith, Rachael Smither, Ann Stewart, Emma Stewart, Patricia Stewart, Melissa Terras, Laurence Ward, Tim Weyrich and Liz Yamada

Juxta Commons
Dana Wheeles and Kristin Jensen

Debates in the Digital Humanities: Scholarly Publishing Across Print/Digital Streams
Matthew K. Gold, Douglas Armato, Zach Davis, Matthew Slaats and Mark Abrams

Visual Historiography: Visualizing “The Literature of a Field”
David J. Staley, Scot A. French and Bill Ferster

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.48.41 AM

DH2013 Poster from DARIAH-EU, a European initiative to support digital research in the arts and humanities.

"creating tools for individuals with disabilities improves digital environments for all users."

Cory Bohon, Jennifer Guiliano, James Smith, George Williams and Amanda Visconti

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