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Journal of Digital Humanities
Vol. 2, No. 3 Summer 2013

The Journal of Digital Humanities is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal that features the best scholarship, tools, and conversations produced by the digital humanities community in the previous trimester.

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Local Programs, Global Audiences

The Editors

In the scholarly communication ecosystem, lectures and conference roundtables offer valuable opportunities to share one’s on-going research and reflections with an engaged audience. Although social media, online conference programs, and slideshare sites now boost the signal of scholarly work, talks at conferences are still often limited by the time and place of their delivery. Even […]

The story of smart and big data.

The story of smart and big data.

"As artists it is novel to think that in observing, drawing or modelling we might be capturing, analysing and processing data."

Gareth Beale, Nicole Beale, Ian Dawson and Louisa Minkin

Architecture to Enable Large Scale Computational Analysis of Millions of Volumes

"Humanities students seem to struggle to envision the existence of a computational world in their minds."

Kazushi Ohya

DH 2013 Poster Gallery

Digital Humanities Keywords: A Collaborative Community Web-based Project
Susan Garfinkel

Networking the Belfast Group through the Automated Semantic Enhancement of Existing Digital Content
Rebecca Sutton Koeser and Brian Croxall

Programming with Arduino for Digital Humanities
Kazushi Ohya

Text Mining Tools in the Humanities: An Analysis Framework
John Simpson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Ryan Chartier, Stéfan Sinclair, Susan Brown, Amy Dyrbye and Kirsten Uszkalo

Voyant Notebooks: Literate Programming and Programming Literacy
Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell

Architecture to Enable Large-Scale Computational Analysis of Millions of Volumes
Yiming Sun, Stacy Kowalczyk, Beth Plale, J. Stephen Downie, Loretta Auvil, Boris Capitanu, Kirk Hess, Zong Peng, Guangchen Ruan, Aaron Todd and Jiaan Zeng

KORA: A Digital Repository and Publishing Platform
Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Dean Rehberger, Catherine Foley and Ethan Watrall

Textal: A Text Analysis Smartphone App for Digital Humanities
Melissa Terras, Steven Gray and Rudolf Ammann

TEI Boilerplate
John Walsh and Grant Leyton Simpson

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