Adam Crymble

Adam Crymble is a PhD student in history and digital humanities at King’s College London, and a founding editor of The Programming Historian 2. He is also a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, striving to future-proof academic software and promote responsible digital tool use.


Review of Paper Machines, produced by Chris Johnson-Roberson and Jo Guldi

Paper Machines Version: 0.3.6
Requirements: Zotero, Python 2.7.3, Java.

Reviewed: 25 February 2013
Tested on: Mac OS X v. 10.6.8, and Windows 7
Tested with Zotero for Firefox 3.0 and Zotero Standalone 3.0


Paper Machines is an interactive multi-tool that allows users to perform textual analyses on their Zotero notes, tags, HTML snapshots, or attached pdfs (if OCR layer is present) directly in Zotero. The project provides users with an effective way to get an intellectual grasp of a corpus relatively quickly.

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